Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We are home safe and sound, and we are happy to be home again after a wonderful trip! We had a slow start having to sit on the airplane 3 1/2 hrs. before departure due to some mechanical problems. They also had to let anyone off who did not want to remain on the flight and then get their luggage off.

On Mon. we helped on the boat for a cleaning day that they were having after their prayer meeting in the morning. My job was to take care of Olyvia while Laura worked on the nursery or children's room. It was tough!! ha, ha! It was another beautiful day, and it was actually hot so I was able to walk alot with her. She loves being outside and sleeps well outside. Joey took Stan, Natalya, victor and Sergey to the Lavre, a place where a lot of Russian Orthodox priests live and there are some very interesting things there. They did not go into the catacombs which is a little weird.

Now it is back to the real world. I think I am on load 13 of laundry. The kids went back to school and are doing well as far as the jet lag goes. We will see how they are doing after church tonight.

Stan took Kareel to the Bronx today for a Dr. visit with the neuro-surgeon who will assist in Kareel's surgery next Tues. It will be quite the intensive surgery on his skull and cheeks. He will be in intensive care for a day.

See you around.


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